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The HTTP REST Control API has been introduced in ImperiHome 2.0.10. The different calls allow a user to interact with the ImperiHome application from another system such as a Home Automation controller.

Warning : the REST API is only available in the ImperiHome PRO version and only on the Android platform.

For now, the REST API is only reachable on the local network, on the android device's IP Address.

It currently allows to:


First, you need to activate the REST API in ImperiHome. For that, go into the settings of the app, then "General preferences", and activate the HTTP API as shown:

API documentation:

You can see the API Doc by going to the root url of the API on your device: http://your_android_device_ip:8080
You'll be redirected to the API documentation, and you'll be able to test it directly from the included sandbox.
You can also see the doc directly in the second "API" tab of this page.